Mag.a Ulrike Sirsch



T: +43-1-4277-474-75


Office 01.50

Office hours: Wednesday, 11:00-12:00 (during the semester only)

Department of Developmental and Educational Psychology

Liebiggasse 5

1010 Vienna

 Research Interests

  • To what extent to emerging adults already feel like adults?
  • How do emerging adults experience the transition from adolescence to adulthood?
  • Which criteria do emerging adults perceive to be crucial to be considered as adult?
  • How do adolescents experience their relationship with their parents during the transition to adulthood?
  • What role do parents play in experiencing subjective competence on the part of adolescents in dealing with finances?

Answers to questions in the field of coping with transitions are the center of my research interest - especially the transition from adolescence to adulthood. I also consider the influence of context and personality variables to be important in this matter.



Completion of Doctorate (Dr.rer.nat)
University of Vienna

02/1990 Diploma (Mag.phil.)
University of Vienna


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Sorgente, A., Atay, B., Aubrey, M., Bhatia, S., 'Crespo, C., Fonseca, G., Güneri, O. Y., Lep, Ž., Lessard ·, D., Negru-Subtirica, O., Portugal, A., Ranta, M., Relvas, A. P., Singh, N., Sirsch, U., Zupančič, M., & Lanz, M. (2024). One (Financial Well‑Being) Model Fits All? Testing the Multidimensional Subjective Financial Well‑Being Scale Across Nine Countries. Journal of Happiness Studies, 25(1-2), [13].



Shim, S., Sorgente, A., Bhatia, S., Crespo, C., Dunai, J., Fonseca, G., Lep, Ž., Martos, T., Negru-Subtirica , O., Portugal, A., Ranta, M., Relvas, A. P., Sallay, V., Singh, N., Sirsch, U., Vosylis, R., Zupancic, M., Lanz, M., & Serido, J. (2022). Financial identity scale: Testing the international validity of its variable-centered and person-centered models across ten countries.. Paper presented at 17th European Congress of Psychology, Ljubljana, Slovenia.

Zupancic, M., Sirsch, U., & Poredoš, M. (2022). How do personality, relatedness, and autonomy contribute to subjective well-being of emerging adults?. Paper presented at 14. Tagung der Österreichischen Gesellschaft für Psychologie, Klagenfurt, Austria.

Showing entries 1 - 4 out of 38

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