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Sorgente, A., Atay, B., Aubrey, M., Bhatia, S., 'Crespo, C., Fonseca, G., Güneri, O. Y., Lep, Ž., Lessard ·, D., Negru-Subtirica, O., Portugal, A., Ranta, M., Relvas, A. P., Singh, N., Sirsch, U., Zupančič, M., & Lanz, M. (2024). One (Financial Well‑Being) Model Fits All? Testing the Multidimensional Subjective Financial Well‑Being Scale Across Nine Countries. Journal of Happiness Studies, 25(1-2), [13].

Ruggeri, K., Stock, F., Haslam, S. A., Capraro, V., Boggio, P., Ellemers, N., Cichocka, A., Douglas, K. M., Rand, D. G., van der Linden, S., Cikara, M., Finkel, E. J., Druckman, J. N., Wohl, M. J. A., Petty, R. E., Tucker, J. A., Shariff, A., Gelfand, M., Packer, D., ... Willer, R. (2024). A synthesis of evidence for policy from behavioural science during COVID-19. Nature, 625(7993), 134-147.


Mittmann, G., Zehetner, V., Hoehl, S., Schrank, B., Barnard, A., & Woodcock, K. (2023). Using Augmented Reality Toward Improving Social Skills: Scoping Review. JMIR Serious Games, 11, [e42117].

Giordano, V., Fuiko, R., Witting, A., Unterasinger, L., Steinbauer, P., Bajer, J., Farr, A., Hoehl, S., Deindl, P., Olischar, M., Berger, A., & Klebermass-Schrehof, K. (2023). The impact of pandemic restrictive visiting policies on infant wellbeing in a NICU. Pediatric Research, 94, 1098-1103.

Showing entries 1 - 15 out of 232