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Michel, C., Matthes, D., & Hoehl, S. (2019). The influence of social cues on infants' object encoding in natural mother-infant interactions.. Poster session presented at PaEpsy 2019, Leipzig, Germany.


Schleihauf, H., Tsvetkova, N., König, A., Mombaur, K., Höhl, S., & Pauen, S. (2018). Do humans over-imitate robots?.

Bánki, A. A., Jäger, C., Weiskopf, N., & Geyer, S. (2018). Measuring the Axonal G-Ratio Distribution in the Human Optic Chiasm Region with Histology ex Vivo. Poster session presented at 24th Annual Meeting of the Organization for Human Brain Mapping, Singapore, Singapore.

Bánki, A. A., Lefebvre, A., Landman, B., Delorme, R., & Dumas, G. (2018). Behavioral and neural dynamics during social interaction with a virtual avatar in autism spectrum disorder. Poster session presented at Interactions sociales, Systèmes Intelligents et Santé, Paris, France.

Köster, M., Langeloh, M., & Höhl, S. (2018). How do infants encode unexpected events? At the 4 Hz Theta rhythm!. Poster session presented at Budapest CEU Conference on Cognitive Development (BCCCD), Budapest, Hungary.

Sirsch, U. (2018). Challenges regarding the concept of emerging adulthood. In M. Zupančič, & M. Puklek Levpušček (Eds.), Prehod v odraslost: Sodobni trendi in raziskave (pp. 51-80). Znanstvena založba Filozofske fakultete Univerze v Ljubljani.

Langeloh, M., Buttelmann, D., Pauen, S., & Höhl, S. (2018). Did you expect that? 12-months-olds discriminate familiar and unusual action outcomes without context information.. Poster session presented at 21th Interntional Congress of Infant Studies, United States.

Showing entries 46 - 60 out of 212