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Elliott, E. M., Morey, C. C., AuBuchon, A. M., Cowan, N., Jarrold, C., Adams, E. J., Attwood, M., Bayram, B., Beeler-Duden, S., Blakstvedt, T. Y., Büttner, G., Castelain, T., Cave, S., Crepaldi, D., Fredriksen, E., Glass, B. A., Graves, A. J., Guitard, D., Hoehl, S., ... Voracek, M. (2021). Multilab Direct Replication of Flavell, Beach, and Chinsky (1966): Spontaneous Verbal Rehearsal in a Memory Task as a Function of Age. Advances in Methods and Practices in Psychological Science, 4(2).

Bartha-Doehring, L., Schwartz, E., Kollndorfer, K., Fischmeister, F., Novak, A., Langs, G., Werneck, H., Prayer, D., Seidl, R., & Kasprian, G. (2021). Effect of corpus callosum agenesis on the language network in children and adolescents. Brain Structure and Function, 226, 701–713.

Hoehl, S., & Bertenthal, B. I. (2021). An interactionist perspective on the development of coordinated social attention. In J. J. Lockman (Ed.), Advances in Child Development and Behavior (pp. 1-41). ACADEMIC PRESS INC ELSEVIER SCIENCE. Advances in Child Development and Behavior Vol. 61

Schleihauf, H., Hoehl, S., Tsvetkova, N., König, A., Mombaur, K., & Pauen, S. (2021). Preschoolers’ Motivation to Over‐Imitate Humans and Robots. Child Development, 92(1), 222-238.


Gruber, M., König, D., Holzhäuser, J., Castillo, D. M., Blüml, V., Jahn, R., Leser, C., Werneck-Rohrer, S., & Werneck, H. (2020). Parental feeding practices and the relationship with parents in female adolescents and young adults with eating disorders: A case control study. PLoS ONE, 15(11), [0242518].

Showing entries 16 - 30 out of 224