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Konrath, E., & Werneck, H. (2022). The effects of childcare arrangements on the well-being of children and adolescents, with focus on the role of parental conflict level. Paper presented at 26th Biennial Meeting of the International Society for the Study of Behavioral Development (ISSBD), Rhodos, Greece.

AuBuchon, A. M., Elliott, E. M., Morey, C. C., Jarrold, C., Cowan, N., Adams, E. J., Attwood, M., Bayram, B., Blakstvedt, T. Y., Buettner, G., Castelain, T., Cave, S., Crepaldi, D., Fredriksen, E., Glass, B. A., Guitard, D., Hoehl, S., Hosch, A., Jeanneret, S., ... Voracek, M. (2022). Lexical Access Speed and the Development of Phonological Recoding during Immediate Serial Recall. Journal of cognition and development.

Kayhan, E., Matthes, D., Marriott Haresign, I., Bánki, A. A., Michel, C., Langeloh, M., Wass, S., & Hoehl, S. (2022). DEEP: A dual EEG pipeline for developmental hyperscanning studies. Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience, 54, 101104. [101104].

Shim, S., Sorgente, A., Bhatia, S., Crespo, C., Dunai, J., Fonseca, G., Lep, Ž., Martos, T., Negru-Subtirica , O., Portugal, A., Ranta, M., Relvas, A. P., Sallay, V., Singh, N., Sirsch, U., Vosylis, R., Zupancic, M., Lanz, M., & Serido, J. (2022). Financial identity scale: Testing the international validity of its variable-centered and person-centered models across ten countries.. Paper presented at 17th European Congress of Psychology, Ljubljana, Slovenia.

Zupancic, M., Sirsch, U., & Poredoš, M. (2022). How do personality, relatedness, and autonomy contribute to subjective well-being of emerging adults?. Paper presented at Jahrestagung der ÖGP 2022, Klagenfurt, Austria.


Showing entries 1 - 15 out of 207